Since 2003 G.A. Flory Consulting has helped our clients plan, train and respond to agricultural emergencies like disease outbreaks, acts of agroterrorism and natural disasters.  Our clients include individual farmers, meat and poultry production companies, and state and federal government agencies across the United States and around the globe.  G.A. Flory Consulting has access to a vast network of subject matter experts and can expand our team to respond to any size response.

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Thank-you for your service as an expert scientific reviewer for the OMAFRA-UofG Partnership Research Program. The assessment of proposals in a fair and consistent manner is very important to the success of the program. Your expert opinion was critical to ensuring the most deserving candidates moved forward for this research funding opportunity.

Again, many thanks for your invaluable contribution.

Wayne Caldwell, PhD, RPP, MCIP
Interim Associate Vice-President, Research (Strategic Partnerships)
Professor, School of Environmental Design and Rural Development
University of Guelph

Dr. Wayne Caldwell, University of Guelph

“I know a good teacher when I see one. I worked with Gary to provide an educational one day workshop about depopulation and disposal for poultry producers in the state. It was my first time working with him and I didn’t know what to expect, but the minute he started talking I knew we had a world class expert. Gary’s knowledge and his hands on expertise makes him uniquely qualified to tackle any aspect of educating, training or executing poultry depopulation and disposal. No wonder he is a subject matter expert with USDA. In addition you get his great sense of humor free of charge. I would highly recommend working with Gary for anything related to these topics.”Capture

Mohamed El-Gazzar, DVM, MAM, Ph.D., DACPV

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