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Gary Flory Bio Photo 2017

Gary Flory is the Agricultural & Stormwater Program Manager for the Valley Regional Office of the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.  In this role, Gary provides leadership on numerous issues surrounding the nexus of agriculture, the environment and public health.  A passionate problem solver, he is regularly selected to execute new and potentially controversial regulatory programs including stormwater management, biosolids land application, agricultural permitting and compliance, and the Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) program.

Gary also founded G.A. Flory Consulting, a global consulting firm, to help clients with a range of services including animal disease and natural disaster response, agricultural emergency planning, and emergency response training.  Gary has conducted trainings, given presentations and deployed on numerous animal disease outbreaks around the country and internationally in the Dominican Republic, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Tunisia, Malaysia and Azerbaijan. He was a lead author of USDA’s Catastrophic Livestock Composting Protocol and Mortality Composting Protocol for Avian Influenza Infected Flocks and FAO’s Carcass management for small- and medium-scale livestock farms – Practical Considerations. Gary has published numerous articles including articles on the weaponization of emerging infectious diseases, biosurveillance, and counter-agroterrorism for the journal Chemical, Biological and Nuclear Warfare.

Gary is the chair of the Animal Health Quadrilateral Meeting of the Emergency Management Task Group & Disposal, Destruction & Disinfection (QUADS 3D) Network, co-chairs the USDA/APHIS Composting Technical Committee, and participates in a variety of working groups including the Chesapeake Bay Program’s Agricultural Workgroup, Virginia Poultry Disease Taskforce, BioWatch Extended Veterinary Network, and the Virginia Catastrophic Livestock Mortality Taskforce.

In addition to spending time with his family and traveling, Gary enjoys collaborating with international partners on projects to help address difficult agricultural, environmental and public health challenges.  He was recently awarded the Agency Star award by the Governor of Virginia for his community service and leadership on animal disease response and agroterrorism.

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