Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) Disposal Training

I recently had the opportunity to help lead an avian influenza disposal training near Seattle, Washington.  The workshop, sponsored by the State of Washington’s Department of Agriculture, provided participants with an understanding of the science behind carcass composting, an overview of the most common carcass disposal methods, a review of the regulatory issues surrounding eachContinue reading “Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) Disposal Training”

6th International Symposium on Animal Mortality Management

Animal mortality management plays a huge role in the response to outbreaks of animal diseases and natural disasters.  Since 2005 one of the best places to share research and learn from the experiences of others has been the International Symposium on Animal Mortality Management.  As Co-Chair of the Steering Committee I am happy to announceContinue reading “6th International Symposium on Animal Mortality Management”

OMG (One More Generation)

Earlier this month I was sitting in the beautiful wood-paneled Members’ Lounge of the famous Explorer’s Club in New York City after giving a presentation on agroterrorism at the Rethinking Animals Summit.  Sitting across the table from me were Carter and Olivia Ries.  As we enjoyed an excellent meal in this grand room they appearedContinue reading “OMG (One More Generation)”

Agroterrorism Discussions

I frequently discuss agroterrorism and counter-agroterrorism with groups of veterinarians, public health officials, emergency planners and farmers. This weekend I have the opportunity to discuss this important topic in a very different context: an assembly of science, health, business, conservation, animal welfare, security and ethics leaders coming together to discuss the coexistence of humans andContinue reading “Agroterrorism Discussions”

Aboveground Burial and Option for Livestock Carcass Disposal

Up to 8,000 cattle killed in central US wildfires.  Avian influenza in Tennessee and Alabama. Flooded poultry houses in North Carolina.  All examples of the importance of carcass disposal in the fight against catastrophic natural disasters and disease outbreaks.  Where composting and landfilling are not feasible, aboveground burial might offer a more environmentally friendly alternativeContinue reading “Aboveground Burial and Option for Livestock Carcass Disposal”

Temple Grandin to join National Women’s Hall of Fame

Internationally known expert on livestock handling systems Temple Grandin has been named to the National Women’s Hall of Fame for 2017.  I recall meeting Ms. Grandin a few years ago at a livestock conference and being fascinated by her unique perspective and insights.  She did a wonderful job of reminding all of us in theContinue reading “Temple Grandin to join National Women’s Hall of Fame”