Biodefense Summit on Implementation of the National Biodefense Strategy

On April 17, 2019, national leaders on biodefense will be gathering at the National Academy of Sciences building in Washington, DC for the Biodefense Summit on Implementation of the National Biodefense Strategy.  The National Biodefense Strategy, released on September 18, 2018, sets the course for the United States to combat the serious biothreats our country faces, whether they arise from natural outbreaks of disease, accidents involving high consequence pathogens, or the actions of terrorists or state actors.

The purpose of the summit is to engage stakeholders to:

·       Raise awareness of the National Biodefense Strategy

·       Gain greater awareness of biodefense activities conducted by non-Federal partners in the broader biodefense enterprise, including relevant private sector stakeholders

·       Increase coordination with non-Federal partners, including international organizations

·       Identify significant challenges related to implementation of the strategy

·       Identify opportunities for improvement in biodefense and high priority actions necessary to implement the strategy

·       Inform United States Government actions to advance biodefense

The National Biodefense Strategy includes five goals for strengthening our National biodefense.  I will have the honor of chairing the discussion of Goal #5: Facilitating recovery to restore the community, the economy, and the environment after a bioincident.  I hope you will be able to join us for this important discussion! 

More information is available at:

Published by gafloryconsulting

Gary Flory is an independent adviser who has consulted, written guidance, conducted research and given presentations to national and international audiences on counter-agroterrorism, emerging infectious diseases, carcass disposal, One Health and foreign animal disease response. Gary was deployed to the Midwest on 5 separate occasions in support of USDA’s efforts to control Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza outbreaks and was a lead author of USDA’s Mortality Composting Protocol for Avian Influenza Infected Flocks. Gary has written for a number of journals including recent articles on counter-agroterrorism, the weaponization of emerging infectious diseases and biosurveillance for the journal Chemical, Biological and Nuclear Warfare. He frequently shares his expertise at conferences and training events across the country and around the globe including recent events in Azerbaijan and Malaysia. Gary participates in a variety of working groups including the Chesapeake Bay Program’s Agricultural Workgroup; Virginia Poultry Disease Taskforce; Animal Health Quadrilateral Meeting of the Emergency Management Task Group & Disposal, Destruction & Disinfection Network; BioWatch Extended Veterinary Network; and the Virginia Catastrophic Livestock Mortality Taskforce. He was recently awarded the Agency Star award by the Governor of Virginia for his community service and leadership on animal disease response and agroterrorism.

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